The Budding Flower of Hope

For the first time in 2016, Bihar found a new voice, steeped in truth, with BODHISATTVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (BIFF). The first of its kind film festival, BIFF was organised as an initiative to promote the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Bihar whilst also encouraging cultural exchanges with different regions, states and countries.

In its founding year, the festival was called ‘Kala and Film Mahotsav 2016’, but has been rechristened as Bodhisattva International Film Festival. BIFF is a confluence like no other, dedicated to provide a platform for the voices of truth and change. Like a true Bodhisattva, who is a seeker of the ultimate truth, the filmmaker artists who will be travelling from near and far, are in search of the very same truth, albeit through different lenses.  They are the new voice and vision of their region and they will find themselves under one roof to celebrate the relentless spirit of a filmmaker.

BIFF is part of the ‘Bihar Ek Virasat’ campaign, an initiative of the Grameen Sneh Foundation (GSF). Through this campaign, GSF aims to create awareness about the art, culture, traditions, heritage and legacy of Bihar, all around the world.

So, come celebrate the extraordinary culture, tradition and heritage of the India state of Bihar. The land that beckons truth seekers will once again find itself teeming with filmmakers from across the world. And as they share their subjective truths, a whole new perspective shall unfold before your eyes.

Grameen Sneh Foundation

Grameen Sneh Foundation (GSF) is a national level NGO established in the year 2009 with a zealous endeavor of striving endlessly towards the welfare of poor people underprivileged cancer patients, without distinction of caste or religion. GSF mission is to provide improved quality of life to every individual through sustained change in their social, physical, economical status with special emphasis on the rural people and most vulnerable section of the society like women, children and elder people.

Grameen Sneh Foundation work function is diversified in different fields such as:

 with the initiative Bihar;Ek Virasat , An initiative to promote the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Bihar whilst also encouraging cultural exchanges with different regions, states and countries. Bihar Ek Virasat website is an online library of all the collective information about Bihar.It contains a huge database of Bihar’s ancient History ,Folk Song and Dance, Language,Heritage Places, Fair & Festivals ,Food, Costumes, Legendary persons  etc and also a section of online books on Bihar by eminent writers. Every Year Folk Dance, Singing and Painting competition is carried in all the 9 commissionaires of Bihar  under this initiative to promote the legacy and culture of Bihar . Know more

Kala & Film Mahotsav 2016” was organized by Grameen Sneh Foundation. It was 4 days Film festival where various Bollywood Actors / Actress /Dignitaries participated which was a huge success. Folk Dance, Painting & Essay competition was held in the 9 commissionaires of Bihar throughout the year which witnessed huge number of participation from people across the state & whose finale will be held in Bodhisattva International Film Festival 2017 (BIFF 2017).

– EDUCATION –Educating people through various Skill development programmes and professional training for their livelihood is carried by GSF in various states. Lot of students has been placed in various fields  those are trained by GSF Odisha team.

– HEALTH – Grameen Sneh Foundation “GSF” organizes Health awareness and Cancer Detection  camps across various states and district level throughout the country in  which massive numbers of people are facilitated with Free medicines and free consultation from eminent doctors. Grameen Sneh Foundation technical achievements includes:

SNEH Cancer App – India’s First Cancer App launched by Ms. Manisha Koirala,Renowned Actress. Know more

E-Symposium – a unique idea to counsel and aware people across the world is organized four times in a year by Grameen Sneh Foundation which has a statistics of about 15 lakh people awared so far. Know more

HAUSLA Support Group HAUSLA motivates Cancer patients and survivors and is a sustainable and informative campaign against cancer… In HAUSLA people are awared of various know abouts and ways How to prevent Cancer. HAUSLA supports cancer survivors emotionally, physically and mentally. Know More

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GSF President's Message

President, GSF

Based on last year’s response to Kala & Film Mahotsav, this year we decided to make it bigger and reach out to the entire country and International arena. So the idea of Bodhisattva International Film Festival (BIFF) was born.

We want to showcase the world to the audience of Eastern India, and what better way than through the lenses of eminent and budding filmmakers. It will be a festival like no other. It will be a one of its kind as it would not only showcase films, but also theatre, art and culture through various events and activities spread across the eight day gala event.

My competent team would make sure that this event is a grand success and puts our name across to the World Festival Circuit.

I welcome all of you to come witness Indian hospitality and enjoy this carnival of films in Patna, India.