Bodhisattva International Film Festival(BIFF) 2017

(Submissions Closed)

BODHISATTVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (BIFF), First of its kind is being organized as an initiative to promote the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Bihar, whilst encouraging cultural exchanges with different regions, states and countries. In its founding year, the festival was called ‘Kala and Film Mahotsav 2016’, but has since been rechristened as Bodhisattva International Film Festival. BIFF is a confluence like no other, dedicated to provide a platform for the voices of truth and change. Like a true Bodhisattva, who is a seeker of the ultimate truth, the filmmaker artists, who will be travelling from near and far, are in search of the very same truth, albeit through different lenses.They are the new voice and vision of their region and they will find themselves under one roof to celebrate the relentless spirit of a filmmaker.

So come and celebrate the extraordinary culture, tradition and heritage of the state of Bihar. The land that beckons truth seekers will once again find itself teeming with filmmakers from across the world. And as they share their subjective truths, a whole new perspective will unfold before your eyes.


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ATTENTION: – All Communications, DVDs, and Documentation should be sent freight prepaid, addressed to:

Bodhisattva International Film Festival (BIFF)

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